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  • What is hot stamping silicone rubber plate/pad/sheet?

    The hot stamping silicone plate transfers the delicate pattern to the product by using the silicone plate as a heat carrier. Hot stamping silicone board/sheet/pad/plate is used for plastic hot stamping. It plays the role of heat transfer. There are two types of hot stamp...

  • The features of heat transfer film

     Details A. Material: Transparent PET film. B. Accurate chromatography, good adhesion, high gloss, clear graphics; c. Production time: Normal flm can be finished within 8-1 Odays. The metallic and glitter(laser) film finished within10-12days. Because it needs more days f...

  • What’s the in mold label?

    In-mold labeling refer to pre-printed paper, synthetic or thin-coated labels with a special hot-melt adhesive on the back, which is placed inside the model before plastic blowing, injection molding to create a plastic bottle or basin. The label and the container form a whole, the label and the bo...

  • Coated Roller Silicone Rubber Roller For Heat Transfer Bucket Machine

    a. Silicone Rubber Roller is ideal for transferring decorative cylindrical and large flat or curved surfaces. Its exclusive formula of silicone has first-class softness and elasticity, can easily match the different surfaces of plastic parts, and has high heat resistance, easy to polish the sha...

  • How to improve the service life of the hulling rubber roller?

    How to improve the service life of the husking rubber roller, today we will explain some points in detail 1. Reasonable selection of rubber rollers: For black, brown, white, Sho...

  • China Manufacturer Injection molding label static charger generator Electrostatic generator

    In mld label electrostatic generator help  to add static toeach piece of label to reduce the defect rate and enhance the production efficiency.

  • The main advantages of in-mold labeling

      1. Improve efficiency and reduce costs. Since the combination process of the in-mold label and the bottle body is completed at one time with the bottle body forming, no separate labeling process is required, so the cost and energy consumption are reduced 2. Improv...

  • Troubleshooting and Removal Methods of Grain Hulling Rubber Roller in Machine Operation

    The general faults and troubleshooting methods in the operation of the husking rubber roller are as follows: Rubber roller stuck 1. Uneven blanking 1....

  • Process flow and performance of DECAI hulling rubber roller

    The processing flow of DECAI hulling rubber roller: material selection - banburying - rubber mixing - forming - vulcanization - turning - painting - packaging Features of DECAI ...

  • In-Mold Labels Features

    A solution to brand your plastic containers with strong, hygienic labels that showcase high-resolution images We offer in-mold labels for injection molding, blow molding and thermoforming. They provide superior graphic reproduction and are 100% recyclable.Our customers ...



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