polyurethane rubber coated rollers wear-resistant unpowered rubber rollers

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The company produces and sells unpowered rubber lagging. Please contact us for the latest professional rubber roller parameters and real-time quotations.

  • Product Name:: Polyurethane Rubber Roller
  • Raw Material:: NBR,Silicone,EPDM,polyurethane etc
  • Core Material:: stainless steel,45#steel or aluminum
  • Diameter:: 10-670mm
  • Length:: 50MM-8200MM
  • Application:: Gravure Printing Machine,Industrial machine,packaging machine
  • Feature: Good elasticity, wear resistant, oil resistant, etc.
  • Hardness:: 70-80 Shore A
  • Price:: Depend on size
  • Delivery Time:: 15-20 days after paid
  • Color:: yellow,Black, orange,green or custome required
  • Brand Name:: DECAI
  • MQQ:: 5PCS
  • Customized specifications: Support
  • Terms of payment:: T/T,WU,Trade assurance by Alibaba
  • Product Detail


    The new type of polyurethane rubber roller provided by DECAI is resistant to high-concentration solvent unpowered rubber roller, with excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and excellent elasticity. It is mainly suitable for metallurgical industry, paper glazing, printing iron glazing, and other equipment. Oil glazing and industrial applications with special requirements, new building materials industry, etc.

    Rubber Roller-1

    The structure of polyurethane rubber coated rollers
    The polyurethane rubber roller is composed of a metal core, an adhesive layer and an outer polyurethane rubber layer. The metal roll core is a hollow cylinder with uniform wall thickness. The material of the metal roll core can be cast iron or steel, steel pipe and other metal materials. The wall thickness of the cast iron core is generally not less than 10mm steel plate.

    gravure printing roller with 6208 bearings
    Gravure printing rubber roller
    printing rubber roller
    The problem of contact pressure between rubber roller and anilox roller
    Gravure Printing Machine Rubber Roller-1
    silicone rubber roller-6
    heat transfer silicone rubber roller-9
    rubber roller
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