Static Electret for Meltblown Non-Woven Fabric machines

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characteristics of disc electrostatic painting equipment: cooperate with sling hanging processing object distance, electrostatic adhesion efficiency up to 95% automated paint, color change is easy, digital control paint supply stability, precision, reduce the pollution of the spraying operations, conform to the latest requirements of environmental protection, reduce the waste and management of artificial spraying. Suitable for wood, metal, plastic and other artifacts of spraying paint, can improve the work efficiency, improving the quality of spraying, save paint more than 40%, save manpower, and reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases.Automatic paint spraying equipment mainly includes: man-machine interface control cabinet, elevator servo motor, pneumatic spray head, atomization DISK, DISK is special gear pump, powder/liquid electrostatic spray gun and various kinds of coating parts in Taiwan.

  • Product Name:: Electret electrostatic generator
  • Power: 120KV
  • Applicable: for meltblown making machine
  • Voltage: 220v+10%
  • Electrostatic rod length: 60CM
  • Note:: One generator with one electrostatic electrode
  • Weight:: Weight:11KG/Set
  • Delivery Time:: 3-5 days after paid
  • Brand Name:: DECAI
  • MQQ:: 1 SET
  • Terms of payment:: T/T,WU,Trade assurance by Alibaba
  • Product Detail


    Meltblown Cloth Electrostatic Generator Technical Data

    Input Power: 220V/110V 50HZ 200W

    Output Voltage: 10-120kv (continuously adjustable)

    Output Current: 0.1-1.5mA (continuously adjustable)

    Components: 1 set Controller, 8 meter High-voltage Cable (including resistors), 2 pcs Post Insulators, 2pcs Support Shelves, and 3 meter Molybdenum Wire

    120kv Electrostatic electret generator works to charge the PP meltblown non-woven fabric which is the core filter material for medical materials, elecret treated meltblown fabric is the key to prevents gems and virus, increase filtration to 95%-99%.

    The static electricity generator is composed of an electrostatic emitter and a high-voltage power supply. The high-voltage power supply provides a negative (or positive) high voltage of the electrostatic emitter, so that the electrostatic emitter emits negative-pressure static electricity (or positive-pressure static electricity), and then charges the object or work piece for the process operation. The higher the voltage, the greater the effective range.

    How to deal with Electret and how to buy equipment?
    1. Electret time, electret voltage and electret distance are three important process parameters that affect the electret effect. As the electret time increases, the equivalent surface charge density of the deposition increases, and the potential on the electret surface rises. High, the adsorption and polarization of the electret are enhanced, but as the electret time increases, when the surface potential of the filter material is high enough, the charge under the needle tip will be repelled to move to other places with lower charge density. When the electret ends, the charge surface density reaches a saturated state, so when the electret time increases, the filtration efficiency of the filter material does not change significantly.
    2. Electret equipment should be purchased with positive electricity, not negative electricity. Because the cloth has a positive charge, it can absorb the negative charge in the air. If the meltblown cloth is in contact with the skin, the negative charge is more likely to be consumed, and if it has a positive charge, it will wear off slowly.
    3. Dust, bacteria, and viruses in the air are attached to the particles, which are mainly negatively charged. The meltblown cloth is positively charged, and it is easy to adsorb these negatively charged particles.
    4. The electret masterbatch has little ability to increase static electricity, mainly because it stores electric charge, which makes the attenuation slower.

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    How to reduce resistance and improve efficiency?
    1. While increasing the receiving distance of the meltblown cloth, appropriately increase the hot air flow or temperature and reduce the air suction at the bottom of the net (increase the fineness and bulkiness of the fiber);
    2. Improve fiber fineness and reduce spinning environment temperature (such as adding cold air device);
    3. While increasing the bulkiness of the fiber, increase the electrostatic voltage (current) and appropriately increase the amount of powder added;
    4. Improve the fineness of the fiber and appropriately reduce the weight (not commonly used).

    How to increase strength and elongation?
    1. Appropriately reduce the hot air flow or temperature, reduce the receiving distance of the melt blown cloth, and appropriately increase the air suction at the bottom of the net (used for unqualified physical indicators caused by excessively high ambient temperature and excessively high raw material melt index);
    2. Appropriately increase the hot air flow or temperature, increase the receiving distance of the melt blown cloth, and appropriately reduce the air suction at the bottom of the net (used for unqualified physical indicators caused by low ambient temperature and low raw material melt index);
    3. Reduce output;
    4. Increase the fiber fineness while reducing the spinning environment temperature.

    meltblown fabric electrostatic generator-61

    How to reduce the CV value of melt blown cloth?
    1. Correspondingly change the working temperature of each area of ​​the die (the gram weight is small and the temperature is increased, and vice versa)
    2. When the local efficiency, resistance and CV value are in conflict, a baffle can be added to its position (increasing the local spinning environment temperature);
    3. The CV value of the longitudinal grammage is mainly related to the stability of the net-forming system speed.
    Reasons for the appearance of "Shot" agglomerated polymer
    1. Improper setting of working temperature (too high or too low, generally too high is easy to occur);
    2. The raw material or masterbatch is too dirty (generally the cloth surface is whole or appears in a large area);
    3. After the die head is used, the tip of the die is dirty (sometimes it is caused by poor local wire or large area, which can be solved by scraping the tip of the die);
    4. There is carbonized material or dirty block around the mold tip, which causes poor threading (usually caused by abnormal shutdown. Generally, it appears in small amounts locally, which can be solved by scraping the mold tip with a scraper);
    5. The air knife is locally dirty or the air knife is physically damaged (affecting the uniformity of the normal spinning airflow, localized and accompanied by longitudinal thin grooves);
    6. The output is too high or too low (generally appear in a large area, reduce or increase the output to solve);
    7. The melting index of raw materials is too high or too low (usually too high is easy to appear);
    8. There is water in the raw materials.

    Reasons for "Flying Flowers"
    1. The hot air flow is too large or the temperature is too high (too many broken fibers);
    2. The working temperature in each area is too high (too many broken fibers);
    3. The receiving distance of the melt blown cloth is too small (the cloth is too dense, which affects the suction efficiency);
    4. The spinning environment temperature is too high (same as 1);
    5. When adding recycled materials, the amount of recycled materials is too large, and the melting index of recycled materials is uncertain;
    6. The output is too low;
    7. The wire is difficult to adhere to the net curtain, and the receiving distance of the melt blown cloth is too small (the cloth is too dense, which affects the suction efficiency)
    8. Improper setting of the suction parameters at the bottom of the net or the net curtain is too dirty (the suction is small, and the fiber cannot be fully absorbed on the net curtain and detached from the net curtain);
    9. Lack of welding between the wires, plugging of the spinneret holes, and high crystallization temperature.
    10. The melting index of the raw material is too high.
    The spinneret needs to run in and what to do if it is blocked
    1. For the new machine, the die-spinneret must be installed after a while. It's similar to running in a new car.
    2. Many spinneret mold materials on the market are not standard materials. Some low-end mold steels are used instead. There will be some small cracks invisible to the eye during use. The aperture processing is rough and the accuracy is poor. It is directly directly without polishing. on board. It causes uneven spinning, poor toughness, and different spinning thickness, which is easy to produce crystallization.
    3. The material has large ash content and impurities
    4. The spinneret hole is not smooth enough
    5. The material is unstable
    6. No filter
    7. The barrel is not cleaned up

    Also have other model static generator for IML


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