What will the damage of the printer’s rubber roller affect the printing?

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The glue stick of the code printer is damaged, what effect will it have on printing? In addition, what should I do if the label paper is stuck there?

No matter which brand of barcode printer rubber roller is damaged, it is recommended to replace it immediately, otherwise it will cause poor printing.

There are generally two kinds of damage to the rubber roller, one is cracking, which is often caused by rubber aging, and the other is potholes, which are often caused by artificial peeling of paper. Of the two types of damage, cracks have less impact on printing than potholes.

When the label paper sticks to the rubber roller, don't rush to use a sharp tool to deal with it, see if there is a rolled-in label, slowly turn the rubber roller, and remove the rolled-in label. Then deal with the label stuck on the rubber roller, find the edge of the label, and use your fingernail to slowly push it up (try not to use a knife, the force is difficult to control, and it is easy to cause damage to the rubber roller), control the strength well, if some sticky You can use alcohol to assist when the label is not easy to deduct. After all the sticky labels are snapped off, use alcohol + cotton (dust-free cloth) to thoroughly clean the rubber roller.

Why does the label paper stick to the rubber roller? In most cases, it is caused by the unreasonable relative position between the label gap and the tearing edge. After each time the label is torn off, the backing paper cannot completely cover the adhesive layer at the position where the label is torn off. If it can be ensured that no excess glue will be exposed after tearing Come on, so the label doesn't get wrapped up when printing back. In order to avoid this problem as much as possible, it is recommended to do the following:
1. A tear line is added at the label gap, which is conducive to tearing the paper.
2. Adjust the offset of the TEAR OFF of the printer to make the stop position of the label closer to the print head, so that the probability of residual glue leaking out when the paper is torn will be much smaller.

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Post time: May-23-2022