What is the reason for the degumming of polyurethane coated rollers?

In recent years, with the continuous development and growth of modernization, polyurethane rubber-coated wheels have long been used in various industries. Polyurethane rubber rollers are important parts for load-bearing transportation and are important for various industries. Therefore, polyurethane rubber-coated wheels are used in applications. The medium requirements are very strict. Let’s analyze the fundamental reasons for the application of the polyurethane rubber-coated wheels rollers:

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1. The influence of mold and iron core temperature: In the polyurethane pouring process, the temperature of the iron core and mold is required to be close to the temperature of the polyurethane raw material. When the temperature difference between the two is large, the curing speed of the material will be uneven, and the result will be greater internal stress after the curing of the polyurethane material.

2. Mould design requirements: When mould design and manufacture, it is required to have good sealing, easy to close, open and demold. When designing a mold, the heat balance of polyurethane should also be considered, which is an important factor that is easily overlooked by manufacturers. If the rubber roller is unevenly heated during the high temperature vulcanization process, the polyurethane vulcanization is usually incomplete at the junction of the iron core and the polyurethane, the strength of the elastomer is low, or cracks appear.

3. The choice of adhesive. According to the adhesion theory, a molecular force can be formed between the surface of a polymer material with a high molecular weight and a metal material, thereby forming a tight bond between the material and the metal.

4. Polyurethane formula: The manufacturer of polyurethane rubber-coated wheels should adjust the formula according to the working conditions, such as load-bearing, rotational speed and use environment, so as to be more suitable for the working conditions described by the customer.

5. The surface treatment of the iron core: the treatment of the iron core. The treatment of the cast iron roll core is also one of the keys to the core removal of the rubber roller. To produce a good combination of polyurethane elastomer and iron core, it is usually necessary to clean the iron core, such as pickling to remove rust and dirt, so that the surface is clean and free of dirt. Mechanical sandblasting is usually one of the methods for bonding strength.

The above is the explanation about the application of polyurethane rubber. Do you have a better understanding of polyurethane products? Choose a good product to make the polyurethane coated wheels have better wear resistance and longer use time.

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