What effect does the hot stamping silicone plate have on the bronzing embossing?

It has been many years since the digitization of the printing industry of hot stamping paper, the application of hot stamping paper has also spread to the streets, and the appearance of online printing portals on the Internet is not news, so how can the century-old traditional demand of "printing" develop in the evolution of new technologies , how to correctly describe the future.

Heat Transfer Printing Machine Silicone Roller

The most commonly used hot stamping plate used to still corrode the copper plate, usually 2mm thick and used by riveting it to another thick copper or aluminum plate. The advantage of this hot stamping version is its low cost, but the disadvantage is that it can only be used for flat hot stamping. The cost, especially on higher-priced foil stamping machines such as BOBST foil stamping machines, is considerable.

At present, engraved brass plates have been widely used. Through electricity and control software, three-dimensional engraving is carried out according to the pre-scanned image, so that the bronzing plate produced in this way can be used for three-dimensional bronzing, or bronzing embossing and concave-convex forming at one time. The hot stamping plate made in this way usually uses a 7mm brass plate, and its service life can reach more than 1 million times. It is especially suitable for long plate work, which can greatly reduce the downtime for plate change. The performance of the pattern is more ideal. The disadvantage is that the production cost is much higher than that of the etching method. However, it is still very suitable for long-form jobs such as cigarette packs, especially those that require concave and convex processing. Because it can be formed at one time, the process is reduced and the scrap rate is reduced.

In the past, this kind of hot stamping plate needed to be processed in Europe or the United States. In addition to the cost and delivery time, it was difficult to meet the requirements. Due to different cultural backgrounds, it was often difficult to meet the requirements of patterns and characters due to different understandings.

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