What are the reasons for the short life of rubber roller?

What are the reasons for the short life of the rubber rollers from DECAI factory? Based on the experience of many users in the past, we have analyzed several reasons for the short life of rubber rollers.

First of all, in addition to the quality of the product, a good after-sales service is also necessary when choosing rubber rollers. This is illustrated by many users choosing rubber rollers nearby.

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Rubber rollers are vulnerable items, and most users know little about rubber rollers, which means that users need timely and thoughtful after-sales service from suppliers. If you do not get after-sales support in time, and there is no way to solve practical problems, it is conceivable that the service life of the rubber roller will be shortened.

Secondly, many users are prone to make such mistakes and spend too much time on replacing the rubber rollers. The original intention of the user is good: replace the rubber roller once every three months, and use a new product each time, which can improve the quality of printing. But in fact things often backfire.

The rubber roller and the printing machine are a running-in process. As the rubber roller is used, new problems will be discovered, and there will be a better solution next time to achieve the best use stage. However, the constant replacement of rubber rollers has become a shackle for obtaining excellent prints. Every time a rubber roller is replaced, it must be shut down, disassembled, installed, and debugged.

Installation may not sound difficult, but it is indeed a very important issue. The correct installation of rubber roller bearings generally includes the appropriate tightness between the roll neck and the bearing. Nowadays, many users often install the bearings themselves in order to save costs. In fact, there are some small accessories between the shaft head and the bearing of the rubber rollers, which are used to maintain the dynamic balance of the rubber rollers, so that the rubber rollers can perform better. Balanced quality. If the printing quality is affected because of the rubber roller bearing problem, some of the gains outweigh the losses.

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Post time: Nov-01-2021