What are the properties of rubber rollers that can be used better


(1) Wetting
It is mainly the affinity of the rubber roller to ink (the ink roller must have good lipophilic and water-resistant properties so that the ink can spread well on the surface of the ink roller. This is the basic condition for the uniform ink layer; the water roller must be able to A thin and uniform water film is formed on the surface to ensure proper dampening. In addition to selecting polymer materials with polar groups (such as cyano groups, -Cl and other polar groups) to enhance the wettability of the water roller, The rubber roller also increases the specific surface area of ​​the water roller)
(2) Resilience
Since the rubber roller runs at high speed in the ink (water) device and is periodically rolled, the rubber roller will be affected by three deformations: sensitive elasticity, anelasticity and plasticity. The rubber roller is required to have high elasticity under the corresponding hardness. . At the same time, the rubber roller with high elasticity can correctly express the surface pressure, and the pressure with good elasticity is obvious. It helps to adjust the pressure correctly according to the indentation between the rollers.
(3) Wear resistance
Good abrasion resistance helps to maintain the capillary pores on the surface of the rubber roller, and the ability to prevent glaze is strengthened, so that the wettability of the rubber roller can be maintained.

(4) High temperature resistance
High temperature resistance is an important guarantee for extending the life of the rubber roller itself.
(5) Corrosion resistance
The rubber roller must have good resistance to the solvents in the ink, cleaning agents and chemical substances in the dampening solution. It is conducive to prolonging the service life.
(6) Vibration absorption
The rubber roller with good vibration absorption helps prevent the rubber roller from jumping up and down when the printing press is running at high speed, and has a strong ability to reduce resonance. It is helpful to protect the design accuracy of the printing machine.
(7) Transmissibility of energy
Good energy transferability ensures that the rubber roller itself does not accumulate energy, does not reflect energy, and reduces the temperature rise caused by rolling and friction during the operation of the rubber roller.
(8) Stickiness and cleanability
The surface of the rubber roller is smooth, smooth, delicate and flexible, and the ink is not easy to penetrate. At the same time, a rubber roller with sufficient viscosity can absorb paper powder and paper dust during the printing process, and the cleaning performance will also be improved.

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