What are the maintenance procedures for aluminum guide rollers?

What are the maintenance procedures for aluminum guide rollers? The following explains the series of steps that need to be done during maintenance of the aluminum guide roller:

Aluminum guide roller deglaze maintenance: remove the glass layer on the surface of the rubber roller to maintain the excellent surface roughness.

Aluminum guide roller decalcification maintenance: In the printing process, the hydrophilicity of the rubber roller and the reduction of its ink affinity function often occur, resulting in serious conditions of the inking roller and the inking of the water roller. The consequences can easily occur when printing on-site war nets. This is often It is caused by the calcification of the rubber roller. In printing, the calcium comes from paper and water, and the calcium is deposited on the ink roller and the water roller from time to time every day. Therefore, decalcification is an indispensable item in printing. .

maintenance procedures for aluminum guide rollers
Aluminum guide roller

Aluminum guide roller color change clean and maintenance: When printing from dark to light and spot color printing, it is often clean and difficult, and the color conversion time is long, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the printing press and forming an increase in the waste rate; and clean It will not completely accumulate on the surface of the rubber and increase the surface roughness of the rubber roller. Therefore, we emphasize that the maintenance should be done every day, and every time it is clean, it must be clean and completely clean. Idling maintenance of aluminum guide roller: In order to prevent the influence of temperature on the rubber roller, and to maintain the superior shape of the idling seat rubber, special care is required for the ink roller of the empty car.

Dead ink hardening maintenance: The hard roller in printing is prone to dry ink accumulation under the condition of frequent color changes, and every time the ink roller is cleaned, because the hard roller is not as easy as the soft roller, it is necessary to clean the hard roller regularly. In order to prevent the impact on the life of the soft roller due to the consequences of the hard roller and the effect on the color recovery.

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