Material and characteristic of rubber roller

Rubber roller is made of neoprene rubber, nitrile rubber, polyurethane rubber, silicone rubber, ethylene propylene rubber and other materials and bearing structure. With high elasticity, high wear resistance, low expansion, anti glaze, solvent resistance, small deformation, long life unique properties. The use of different materials, the use of the scene is also different, such as printing cots, photographic concave board cots, food industry cots, textile printing and dyeing cots, soft solvent contact cots, etc.

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Rubber roller material drug resistance: oil resistance, solubility resistance, drug resistance, in synthetic rubber, such as printing roller must be solvent resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance, etc. Physical: rubber elasticity, flexion, impact, wear and other physical functions affect the service life and product quality of rubber roller, must be carefully selected such as rubber roller plastic film industry must be rich in elasticity and wear resistance. Economy: the price of rubber roller varies greatly due to the choice of different materials, so the value and life should always be measured and compared, such as ordinary heat resistant 150 degrees roller must use high rubber. Heat resistance: high temperature use is easy to make rubber aging, in addition to the core design must consider the cooling system, rubber material must be carefully selected, such as plastic industry, paper industry, not only to consider the wear resistance more to consider the heat resistance and heat dissipation. Printing cots in offset press is mainly transfer ink. Therefore, daily cleaning cots must be carefully cleaned, otherwise the surface layer of cots and pigments and resins are easy to oxidize into a layer of smooth and hard film, resulting in surface vitrification and affecting ink transfer. If the frequent cleaning is not clean, the surface of the cots will be uneven for a long time, affecting the use. Therefore, when the machine is shut down, the rubber roller should be cleaned and put in reserve.

The bearing and shaft head inside the rubber roller are precise in structure, which will directly affect the use effect. If the lubrication of the bearing and shaft head is not very good, it is easy to cause wear and tear, and it will seriously affect the quality of the cots, thus affecting the quality of the product. When preparing silicone roller, rubber roller and walking stick accessories, the suitable raw rubber should be selected according to the requirements of the use conditions. The physical properties of the outer rubber of the rubber roller can be further adjusted by a variety of reinforcing agents and plasticizers.

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