The benefits of polyurethane sheets for industrial applications

Polyurethane sheets are widely used in the field of industrial production. What are the advantages of polyurethane plates for industrial applications?

1. The thermal conductivity is extremely low, and the polyurethane backing plate is a very good energy-saving building material with excellent insulation properties. Under the same conditions, the thickness of the polyurethane rigid foam insulation layer is several times the insulation effect of EPS, concrete and mineral wool or ordinary bricks. People are more willing to use polyurethane PU board as building board.

2. The thermal insulation, waterproof and sound insulation treatment effects are excellent. The thermal conductivity of the polyurethane insulation layer produced by the polyurethane pad manufacturer is only about 3% for every increase in water content. The insulation layer of the polyurethane pad has an excellent closed-cell structure, which has excellent The sound insulation function can provide a comfortable and quiet indoor environment. The closed-cell structure makes the structural performance of the entire board more stable, and can resist freezing well, and can withstand harsh environmental tests.

3. Stable physical and chemical properties. The polyurethane pad can be used in an environment of -50 to 150 °C for a long time, and the short-term use temperature can reach 250 °C without any damage. The utility model has stable physical and chemical properties. Once the reaction is formed, it is insoluble in most solvents, not affected by waste gas and industrial gases, and is non-corrosive and non-toxic.

These are the major advantages of polyurethane backing board. It has good fire resistance and flame retardant performance can reach national standards. It is an inert fire surface that does not produce molten combustibles during the combustion and carbonization process, thereby inhibiting the spread of fire. In ensuring thermal insulation and structural stability, the thickness of the outer envelope of the building can be reduced, and the indoor area can be increased. And the ability to resist deformation is strong, not easy to crack, the finish is stable, safe, and the overall cost is quite high.

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Regarding the discoloration of the polyurethane products of DECAI polyurethane, the polyurethane will absorb ultraviolet rays or strong light, and the color will become darker. The phenomenon is called yellowing. But it does not affect its physical properties, please fully understand when using it. Polyurethane hydrolysis characteristics, long-term use in a humid or humid environment, polyurethane will be hydrolyzed and deteriorated. It is recommended to manage the temperature and humidity of the warehouse and use environment in high-humidity areas, which prolongs the use of the product. After the hydrolysis, the state of the product changes. The sticky surface of the polyurethane will leave irreversible scars and reduce the hardness of the polyurethane. After the polyurethane is dried, it is easy to crack and decompose into powder. The size of the polyurethane changes. The size of the polyurethane will vary with the ambient temperature. Change, but the amount of change is not large, and at room temperature for several hours to restore to the original size.

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Post time: Nov-22-2021