Silicone hot stamping plate sheet operation technical guide

Silicone bronzing hot stamping sheet plate is mainly used in plastic toys, craft gifts, hardware electronics, special printing and other industries. It uses a silicone plate as a heat carrier to transfer exquisite patterns to the product. The colors are red, orange, brown, etc. Below, I will introduce you to the operation guide of the silicone bronzing version.

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1. Open an aluminum mold, iron mold or copper mold, which can be closed up and down, like a box. A 2 mm wide exhaust groove is opened around the lower mold plane of the mold to help discharge the mold during the pressing process. gas in.

2. Clean the mold first, apply a layer of mold release agent inside the entire mold, (the mold release agent can be Vaseline or detergent) and wait for it to dry before proceeding with the following operations.

3. Fill the bottom of the mold with an aluminum plate (the top aluminum plate should preferably be punched with small holes, or polished with roving paper to enhance the adhesion between the silica gel and the aluminum plate), put the aluminum plate in place, and clean the aluminum plate. Apply adhesive to the aluminum plate. The filled aluminum plates can be multiple pieces, and the top one is the one that really works (the purpose of filling multiple aluminum plates is to adjust a thickness of the pressed silicone plate and put the bronzing silicone and the aluminum plate together). The mold is assumed to be 300 by 300, then the area of ​​the silicone plate and the aluminum plate is slightly smaller, leaving a width between 2 cm for the inner width of the mold so that the excess material and air can be discharged. This prevents swelling after molding.

4. Cut the silicone, the silicone bronzing version is preferably 1 cm smaller than the surrounding area of ​​the aluminum plate, because during the pressing process, the silicone will extend around. Then slowly spread the silicone plate from one end to the aluminum plate, and then use a wooden stick to roll the silicone plate from one end to the other. The purpose of this is to drive out the air. In this way, there will be no air and no air bubbles between the pressed silicone and the aluminum plate, and the bonding effect will be better.

5. Take the mold to the compression molding machine and press it. The mold is exhausted 2 to 3 times at the same time as the compression molding. If the compression molding machine has a vacuum machine, the vacuum is exhausted for 30 seconds at the same time.

6. Under the pressure of 10 tons and the temperature of 160-250, after 20-30 minutes, pull out the mold, take out the silicone bronzing plate, and cool it naturally.

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