Process flow and performance of DECAI hulling rubber roller

The processing flow of DECAI hulling rubber roller: material selection - banburying - rubber mixing - forming - vulcanization - turning - painting - packaging

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Features of DECAI hulling rubber roller as follows:
1. Compared with similar products on the market, the high wear-resistant hulling rubber roller has the following advantages:
(1) The use of green and environmentally friendly raw materials. The produced rice is hygienic, non-toxic and non-polluting.
(2) It adopts the most advanced technology in China and is in an absolute leading position in the market.
(3) It is made of the best raw materials and the most advanced formulas on the market, and there are no identical products on the market.

2. The high wear-resistant hulling rubber roller has a significant influence and effect on the development and structural adjustment of the industry:
(1) Leading technology and greatly promoting the productivity of rice processing enterprises. Compared with similar products, the technology surpasses the second generation, and the service life of the product is extended by 2-3 times. In the production process, the labor intensity and production efficiency of workers in rice processing enterprises are greatly reduced, production costs are saved, and rice processing is greatly improved. corporate profits.
(2) The product quality is leading, which greatly improves the efficiency of rice processing enterprises. The elasticity, hardness, rigidity, flexibility and wear resistance of the product are more than 2 times higher than those of similar products, which increases the roughness rate of rice by 400% and reduces the broken rice rate by 90% (the broken rice rate is controlled between 0.5-1%). ), at the same time, it can greatly improve the quality of rice products and greatly increase the benefits of rice processing enterprises.

The rice hulling rubber roller is mainly used to remove the husk of the rice and separate the rice husk. It is one of the main operating machinery for rice processing.

1. The working principle of rice husking machine

The rice hulling machine uses a pair of rubber rollers that rotate at different speeds opposite to each other, and the paddy passing through the rollers is squeezed and rubbed by the pressure of the pressing weight to achieve the purpose of shelling. When the hulled material passes through the chaff separation chamber, it is subjected to the action of wind, and the chaff mixture is separated from the rice husk.

2. The overall structure of the rice mill

This machine is mainly composed of hopper feeding device, machine head device, chaff separation chamber, gear box, frame and so on.

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