Operation instruction of heat transfer machine

Operation instruction of heat transfer machine

heat transfer machine

1. Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, and press and hold the start button for 3-5 seconds. The computer screen lights up, which means the boot is successful.
2. Install the silicone rubber roller, then turn on the heating switch and observe whether the silicone rubber roller rotates clockwise.
3. Adjust the thermostat to the required temperature, generally around 180 degrees Celsius, and wait 15 minutes after the temperature reaches the set temperature before starting to work.
4. While heating, install the fixed mold of the product on the work surface.
5. Put the thermal transfer film into the machine, adjust the position of the light spot, and make the thermal transfer film, substrate and silica gel in the appropriate corresponding positions.
Note: The silicone rubber roller should not exceed the thermal transfer film, otherwise it may cause deformation of the substrate and burns.
6. Press the work button to start testing film and adjust the printing time.
7. When the controller time for indicating the hot stamping time is up, the machine head is up, and the printing is finished.
1. Pressure: If the pressure is not enough or too large, adjust the pressure adjusting knob of the machine head to increase the pressure in a clockwise direction; otherwise, reduce the pressure;
2. Time: When the hot stamping time is reached, the buzzer does not sound or keeps sounding. If it is unwell, it must be adjusted to an appropriate position;
3. Temperature: When the adjusted temperature is reached, the pointer of the thermostat will be at the "180℃" position (approximately 5 minutes to reach). If the thermometer rises and the heating plate does not heat up, please check the circuit.

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Post time: Jul-20-2021