Maintenance method of aluminum guide roller

The aluminum guide roller is made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials, which are molded into various specifications of tubes, with a ribbed structure and high strength. And use precision equipment and special tools for surface finishing, so that the surface is smooth, the coaxiality reaches 0.02mm, all shafts are processed by computer balance correction within 2g, and the special technology of the shaft end and imported bearings can be used at high speeds. Easy operation. Aluminum guide roller multi-function damaged skin feather cloth roll cloth guide roller and guide missile cloth guide roller assembly cover about the right end has a cloth guide roller steam constitutes a hollow tube assumed to be in the cover assembly and the steam channel.

Maintenance method of aluminum guide roller
Maintenance method of aluminum guide roller-1

Deglaze maintenance of aluminum guide roller: remove the glass layer on the surface of the rubber roller to maintain a good surface roughness

Decalcification maintenance of the aluminum guide roller: During the printing process, the hydrophilic and ink-friendly properties of the rubber roller often occur, resulting in serious water on the ink roller and ink on the water roller, and problems are prone to occur when printing on the ground and flat screens. This is often caused by the calcification of the rubber roller. In printing, the calcium comes from paper and water, and the calcium is constantly deposited on the ink roller and water roller every day. Therefore, decalcification is an indispensable item in printing. Maintenance procedures.

The cleaning and maintenance of aluminum guide roller color change: when printing from dark to light and spot color printing, it will often cause cleaning difficulties and long color conversion time, thereby reducing the efficiency of the printing press and causing an increase in the scrap rate; and Incomplete cleaning will accumulate on the surface of the rubber and reduce the surface roughness of the rubber roller. Therefore, we emphasize that maintenance should be done every day, and each cleaning must be thoroughly clean.

Idling maintenance of the aluminum guide roller: In order to prevent the temperature from affecting the rubber roller and maintain the good condition of the idler seat rubber, special care and maintenance are required for the ink roller of the empty car.

The aluminum guide roller is extruded from high-quality aluminum alloy, with nine built-in ribs and a wall thickness of 5cm for strengthening. The surface treatment is based on user requirements, including ordinary oxidation, hard oxidation, Teflon, etc., to ensure its rigidity and wear resistance Sex.

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