How to produce high-performance EPDM rollers ?

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EPDM rubber has performance characteristics such as ozone resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, electrical insulation, etc., and has a wide range of operating temperatures. It is an ideal raw material for the production of rubber rollers in the fields of plastic printing machinery, tanning machinery, and general machinery. The finished rubber The roller can be used for a long time at a temperature of -65°C to +140°C. EPDM reclaimed rubber retains the basic performance characteristics of EPDM raw rubber, and can be used together with raw rubber to produce rubber rollers, effectively reducing raw material costs while ensuring product quality.

1. Maximum operating temperature of EPDM reclaimed rubber rollers

EPDM reclaimed rubber has excellent heat resistance, and the EPDM rubber roller produced with EPDM rubber can be used for a long time at 120°C, and the maximum use temperature is 150°C. In actual production, the heat resistance of butyl rubber is better than that of ethylene-propylene rubber, and the aging type of butyl rubber is different from that of ethylene-propylene rubber. 

Therefore, when using EPDM/EPDM reclaimed rubber 2ELYY824 to produce rubber rollers, it can be Add an appropriate amount of butyl rubber or butyl reclaimed rubber to further increase the maximum service temperature of rubber rollers containing EPDM reclaimed rubber.

2. Formula design of EPDM rubber/reclaimed rubber production rubber roller

When EPDM rubber rollers are used as the main raw material to produce rubber rollers, the surface rubber of the rubber rollers is required to have certain mechanical properties such as hardness, tensile strength, and elasticity, among which hardness is more important; if the hardness of the rubber rollers is not suitable, it is difficult to achieve the ideal Use effect, among which reinforcing agent and filler are important indicators affecting the hardness of the rubber roller.

In actual production, low-hardness EPDM rubber/reclaimed rubber rollers generally use oil-filled EPDM rubber and EPDM reclaimed rubber together, and can be reinforced with fast-pressed furnace black, semi-reinforced carbon black, etc. , Filled with calcium carbonate, a lot of softeners such as paraffin oil and black ointment are used. Compared with low-hardness EPDM reclaimed rubber rollers, in the production of rubber rollers with a Shore hardness above 50 degrees, the amount of softeners such as rubber oil is much less.

3. General reference formula for producing rubber rollers from EPDM reclaimed rubber/reclaimed rubber

EPDM rubber 70 parts, EPDM reclaimed rubber 30 parts, carbon black N550 70 parts, paraffin oil 45 parts, zinc oxide 5 parts, stearic acid 1 part, DCP 6 parts, EGDMA 2 parts; total: 229 share.

In actual production, EPDM reclaimed rubber can be used together with EPDM rubber, butyl rubber, and butyl reclaimed rubber to produce rubber roller products with Shore hardness between 20-70 degrees; EPDM with different hardness Propylene rubber rollers are used in different occasions, and the types and amounts of rubber raw materials and auxiliary materials used vary greatly. Later, the editor will continue to share with you the specific formula design and processing points of EPDM reclaimed rubber in the production of rubber rollers.

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