How to extend the service life of polyurethane rubber roller?

The application of polyurethane rubber rollers In the equipment introduced in the papermaking, steel, printing and dyeing, textile and other industries, the polyurethane rubber roller spare parts are in urgent need of localization, such as the cold rolling production line, which accounts for 1/3 of the total rubber rollers, and the amount is quite objective. In technological transformation and technological innovation, it is urgently needed to replace ordinary rubber rollers to increase production efficiency and save energy consumption. For example, the cost of removing 1kg of water in the drying part of a paper machine is about 10 times higher than that of the pressing part. Polyurethane rubber is used instead of natural rubber for the roller surface material, and the linear pressure it bears can be increased by 2 to 3 times, which increases the dehydration rate of the paper.

Generally, the internal structure of the new polyurethane rubber roller is not stable enough, and if it is put into use in time, the service life will be shortened. Therefore, it should be left outside for a period of time to keep it relatively stable, thereby increasing the toughness of the colloid and thus increasing durability.

The development of this product has certain advantages such as high strength and high tear resistance. It can improve the production and living environment that can withstand high pressure and high humidity. But still pay attention to its storage. The general management method is to seal the gel with plastic packaging film after cleaning and dispose of it, and place it on the idle product structure of the enterprise. It must not be littered or placed under heavy pressure to keep the roller core from eccentricity and bending. , In order to ensure the normal use of the roll core.

Therefore, we only need to pay attention to some storage problems to extend the service life of polyurethane rubber roller products.

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Polyurethane rubber rollers are widely used in the current market, and they are widely used in many production and processing companies or engineering manufacturing companies, so it can be found that it is very popular in the entire market. After you understand the basic characteristics, you can choose with confidence so that it can play the better function.

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Post time: Oct-26-2021