How popular is the polyurethane rubber roller in the market?

Polyurethane products are not only sold very well in the market, they will also be supported and recognized by many people. Polyurethane rubber rollers have a very high use value in the current market. Many people choose to use such products because they are very good in overall practical performance. Let's do a detailed analysis and hope that everyone can choose to buy products with confidence. Products are widely used in the current market, and they are widely used in many production and processing enterprises or engineering manufacturing enterprises, so it can be found that the popularity of products in the entire market is very high. After you understand the basic characteristics, you can proceed with confidence


Characteristics of polyurethane elastomer:

1. Wear resistance: The wear resistance of polyurethane elastomers is very outstanding, generally about 3-5 times that of natural rubber, and enjoys the reputation of "wear-resistant rubber";

2. Wide range of hardness: the low hardness range of polyurethane elastomer can be around shore A 10, and the high hardness can reach shore D85;

3. High strength: Under the hardness of rubber, the tensile strength and tear strength of polyurethane elastomer are much higher than that of general rubber; under the hardness of plastic, their impact strength and flexural modulus are much higher than that of plastic;

4. Oil resistance: The oil resistance of polyester polyurethane elastomer is not lower than that of nitrile rubber;

5. High bearing capacity: As polyurethane elastomer can increase the hardness while maintaining rubber elasticity, a higher bearing capacity can be achieved;

6. Low temperature resistance performance: Polyurethane elastomer has good low temperature performance. The brittleness of the containment is generally low (-50℃-60℃). Some formulations have a catalytic temperature lower than -60℃, so polyurethane elastomer products are particularly suitable In a cold environment;

7. Water and mildew resistance: Polyether polyurethane has better water and mildew resistance.

Industrial rubber wheels
Polyurethane PU rubber rollers for industrial machines

Polyurethane rubber wheels and rubber rollers are widely used in the current market. They are widely used in many production and processing companies or engineering manufacturing companies. Therefore, it can be found that the product is very popular in the entire market. After you understand the basic features, you can choose with confidence so that the product can play a better function.

In addition, you can also look at the price of the product in the entire market when choosing? After understanding the product price in detail, you can make effective choices. The sales of its products in the current market are very good. Many people also recognize the features of the product itself before they can make effective choices and make the product more marketable. It can be used effectively in any place.

In any case, we hope that everyone can have a new understanding of the product while paying attention. When choosing, you can also look at the sales of polyurethane rubber rollers in the entire market. As long as the sales of the product are good, it can also bring more benefits.

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