Domestic market of printing rubber roller

While facing an open international market, the printing rubber roller industry must also face challenges from related industries. Although most people in the industry pay more attention to the development of new technologies and equipment, and ignore the importance of "printing rubber rollers", However, the stubbornly developing printing rubber roller industry is forming its unique market pattern. In this issue, we will focus on the domestic printing rubber roller market to see the development of many printing rubber roller manufacturers. The domestic printing and packaging industry can be called today's A sunrise industry has entered the top 30 of the GDP of the national economy at an amazing rate of development in recent years, occupying an increasingly important position. Especially with the continuous improvement of the domestic printing industry’s requirements for printing varieties and quality, The printing press as a hardware device is regarded as a winning weapon, and printing factories and newspapers have introduced various models and quality of high-end printing presses.

In 2002, China imported 47 office printing machinery, 75 flexo printing machines, 785 offset offset printing machines, 212 laser image-setting machines, 729 embossing machines, 195 gravure printing machines, 155 web offset printing machines, and rolls. There are 134 paper embossing presses. In 2003, domestic imported printing presses will account for 20%-30% of the number of printing presses owned by domestic printing plants. At the same time, the demand for domestic high-end printing presses is also increasing, and there has been a shortage of supply for two consecutive years. The situation, this reflects the trend of increasing market share of high-end equipment in the domestic market.

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Post time: Jul-13-2021