Advantages of IMD & IML



The in-mold decorating (IMD) and in-mold labeling (IML) technology enables design flexibility and productivity advantages over traditional post-molding labeling and decorating technologies, including use of multiple colors, effects and textures in a single operation, long-lasting and durable graphics, and overall labeling and decorating cost reductions.


With in-mold labeling (IML) and in-mold decorating (IMD), labeling and decorating are complete in the plastic injection molded process, so no secondary operations are required, eliminating post-molding labeling and decorating labor and equipment costs and time. In addition, design and graphic variations are easily achieved by simply changing to different label films or graphic inserts in the same part run.


The use of in-mold decorating (IMD) and in-mold labeling (IML) results in high quality and visually impressive graphics and finished parts. The graphics and labeling are also very durable and long lasting, since they are encapsulated in the resin as part of the finished molded plastic part. In fact, the graphics are essentially impossible to remove without destroying the plastic part. With the right films and coatings, in-mold decorated and in-mold labeled graphics will not fade and remain vibrant for the life of the molded plastic part.


In-mold decorating (IMD) and in-mold labeling (IML) advantages include:


High quality and visually impressive graphics
Ability to use flat, curved or 3D-formed labels and graphics
Elimination of secondary labeling and decorating operations and costs, since injection molding and labeling/decorating are accomplished in one step
Elimination of adhesives with ability to apply labels and graphics on plastic in one step, unlike pressure sensitive labels
Ability to apply labels and graphics on plastic parts and containers’ sides and bottoms all in one step, unlike pressure-sensitive labeling
Label inventory reduction
Ability to achieve high abrasion and chemical resistance using special hard coatings
Easy design variations by changing labeling film or graphic inserts, even in the same part run
Continuous image transfers with high positioning tolerances
Wide range of colors, effects, textures and graphic options








Post time: Nov-17-2021