Advantage of in mold labeling

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Advantages of In-mold Labeling

It Provides Various Decorating Options

This method of decorating plastics has quick design changeovers and it makes use of multiple color printing and lithography printing to produce products with higher quality which does not get abraded during use.

It Improves Appearance,In-mold labeling greatly enhances the appearance or beauty of products. It provides products with virtually impressive designs and eye catchy pictures. This easily draws the attention of potential customers. Product information is printed on the labels. The product is made even more beautiful because the corners of the label do not appear on the product.

Also, the structure of the product is improved because both the label and the product are formed together, they naturally touch together and this improves the structure of the product. The label is permanently fused with the product. The label remains intact throughout the product’s lifespan.

It Increases Production Efficiency

IML has a shorter production time and its production cost is very low since containers can be produced and decorated at the same time. This makes the storage of blank containers unnecessary and eliminates the cost of storage and transport.

It Prevents Counterfeit Products

In-mold labeling requires the use of uniquely designed molds. Manufacturing molds for in-mold labeling requires a lot of expertise and high capital. The expertise and high cost involved in manufacturing molds greatly reduce the tendency of fraud. The variations in mold design, film printing, and label formation processes make it almost impossible to copy. This helps to preserve brands.

Post time: Jun-03-2021