A brief introduction to the repair methods and techniques of printing rubber rollers

In the work project, the printing rubber rollers usually appear, wear, and break holes. If a new roller is replaced, the cost is too high and the production schedule will be affected. It can be repaired with rubber repair agent.
 Mending process, taking the BD916 rubber mending agent produced by DECAI as an example:
 1. Surface treatment: The printing rubber roller is to be repaired and touched, cleaned, decontaminated, degreased, and dried.
 2. For repairing with glue, pour the printing rubber roller repair agent curing agent B group into the main agent A group iron cans and quickly stir evenly (A:B=1:1), then pour it to the area to be repaired and smooth it
 3. Curing: It can be used after 4-6 hours of curing at room temperature, and the maximum strength is reached within 48 hours.

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Post time: Jul-13-2021