Heat Transfer Printing Machine For Round Cups Bottles Rotate Machine

Short Description:

Classic structure design, using large eccentric bearing, double spring fixed heating plate. The operation is very labor-saving and the transfer pressure is very high; therefore, all kinds of transfer paper can be transferred well, and the effect is very good; the heating plate is high-grade, thick aluminum plate, high uniformity; because the heating plate is pulled up After that, it can be turned 180 degrees, so there is no problem of burning hands; for thicker objects, it can be transferred well; after a lot of long-term work, it does not need maintenance, is not prone to deformation, and does not need calibration.

  • Product Name : Heat Transfer Printing Machine
  • Specification(mm): 1100*820*2500
  • Hot printer width: width:<250mm,length:<950mm
  • Operating Air Pressure: 0.5mpa
  • Weight(kg): 290
  • Direction for printing : From right to left
  • Speed(pcs/h): 700-1000
  • Package: Plank
  • Leading time: 8-12 working days
  • Shipment: By sea
  • Payment: T/T 50% depoist , the rest should be paid before shipment
  • Product Detail


    Heat Transfer Printing Machine For Plastic 

    Heat transfer printing machine is a decoration printing machine, which must have implemented heat , pressure, and a transfer speed. It is suitable for hot stamping foil production. Its high production efficiency, significant economic benefits, is a kind of ideal equipment for surface processing industry. It's widely used in stationary, cosmetics, toys, household daily necessities, and other industry products and packaging materials on a printed decoration.
    Heat transfer products with colorful, color layers thick, rich three-dimensional, and strong adhesion. It can improve productivity, product quality, increase product added value.

    Benefits worked with us:

    ①:You will get a 30% increasing production upon using this machine and also it allows one people to perform the task of three people.

    ②:This machine will pay back your investment in 6 month.
    ③:These machines have few breakdowns and easy to maintain because of their simple mechanical structure.
    Product description  heat transfer printing machine
    Product code  2168
    Specification(mm)  1180*1000*2200
    Rated voltage  220v/50HZ
    Hot printer width  width:<180mm,Circle length:<950mm
    Operating Air Pressure  0.6mpa
    Weight(kg)  295
    Speed(pcs/h)  700-1000
    Rated power   2.0KW
    Direction for printing   From right to left 
    Package  Plank
    heat transfer machine
    heat transfer machine


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