Mechanical rubber roller for Printing machine accessories

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If the new Mechanical rubber roller is not in use temporarily, please do not unpack it. The wrapping paper can only be removed before installation, because the wrapping paper can play a protective role.

  • Product Name:: Alcohol Printing Rubber Roller
  • Raw Material:: NBR,Silicone,EPDM,Polyurethane etc
  • Core Material:: stainless steel,45#steel or aluminum
  • Diameter:: 10-670mm
  • Length:: 50MM-8200MM
  • Application:: Gravure Printing Machine,Industrial machine,packaging machine,print machine
  • Feature: Good elasticity, wear resistant, oil resistant, high temperature resistant etc.
  • Hardness:: 30-90 Shore A
  • Price:: Depend on size
  • Delivery Time:: 15-20 days after paid
  • Color:: Yellow,Black, orange,green or custome required
  • Brand Name:: DECAI
  • Customized specifications: Support
  • Terms of payment:: T/T,WU,Trade assurance by Alibaba
  • Product Detail


    As an indispensable accessory of the offset printing machine, the rubber roller has a great influence on the printing quality of the product. It can be said that only good rubber rollers can print products. Therefore, how to scientifically, correctly and reasonably use and maintain the printing rubber roller is a production skill that printing operators should master. It is of great significance to improve production efficiency and ensure printing quality.

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    Decai Rubber Roller Specification


    According To Customer's Drawing
    NBR,Silicone,Rubber,Polyurethane,NR,PU FFPM,ETC,EPDM
    yellow,Black, orange,green or custome required
    Core Material
    stainless steel,45#steel or aluminum
    Application Machine
    industrial machine, printing machine and packaging machines and so on

    Features of rubber roller

    1.Ozone and Chemical resistance
    2.Anti-aging, good flexibility, good elasticity
    3.Excellent oil resistance
    4.Clean and healthy for many food and medical applications
    Mechanical rubber roller
    rubber roller2

    Generally speaking, rubber rollers should be stored in a warehouse with a temperature of 10-35°C and a relative humidity of 50-80%. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will cause thermal cracking or thermal cross-linking of the rubber, which will cause the rubber surface to age, harden, lose its due elasticity, and crack, resulting in a decrease in wear resistance. The air will cause the roller core to absorb moisture and rust.
    Since the rubber roller is covered with rubber, during transportation and storage, it should be avoided from direct sunlight, drenched in rain and snow, contact with acids, alkalis, oils and organic solvents, and should be kept 2m away from radiant heat sources.
    Do not place it under strong light and ultraviolet light. In addition to directly causing the rupture and cross-linking of the rubber molecular chain, the rubber generates free radicals due to the absorption of light energy, which initiates and accelerates the oxidation chain reaction process. Ultraviolet light acts as heating. Therefore, it is necessary to cover the circumference of the rubber roller with thick paper and black plastic cloth to avoid light, otherwise the rubber surface will be aged, discolored, cracked, etc., which will reduce the service life of the rubber roller and affect the quality of printed products.

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    rubber roller
    Rubber Roller
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