In mold foil charger static charger Equipment

Short Description:

These machines are suitable for thin foil charging in injection molding and blow molding machine i.e. portable applications in domestic as well as industrial use.

  • Product Name:: static charger Equipment
  • Power: 20KV
  • Applicable: for IML(in mold label)
  • Voltage: 220v+10%
  • Application Material:: Plastic ( ABS, PP, AS, PET, PVC )
  • Note:: One generator with one electrostatic hand
  • Weight:: Weight:8KG/Set
  • Delivery Time:: 3-5 days after paid
  • Brand Name:: DECAI
  • MQQ:: 1 SET
  • Terms of payment:: T/T,WU,Trade assurance by Alibaba
  • Product Detail


    DECAI's in mold foil charger static charger is useful during the injection molding process to stick polypropylene,polyester films ,thin biaxial oriented polypropylene films,water resistance films,fire protection film polystyrene foil material to the inner mold surface. 

    In-mould decorating is a process for labeling or decorating a plastic object during the plastic injection molding process. In the in-mold labeling process, a label or appliqué is placed in the open mold and held in the desired position by vacuum ports, electrostatic attraction or other appropriate means. The mold closes and molten plastic resin is extruded or injected into the mold where it conforms to the shape of the object. The hot plastic envelopes the label, making it an integral part of the molded object. The difference between glue applied labels and in-mold labels are that a glue applied label is stuck "on" the surface of the plastic object; the in-mold label is embedded "in" the wall of the object.

    In Mold Labeling Static Generator IML-9
    what is in mold foil charger static charger Equipment
    in mold laber static charger1
    IML electrostatic generator-1

    What Is An Electrostatic Generator ?

    The electrostatic generator has over-current and short-circuit protection functions. The discharge to the ground is “not ignited”, and the ground or the workpiece is too close. The worker accidentally touches the automatic shutdown system and has a high safety factor.

    The static electricity generator has been verified by many enterprises and manufacturers, and has excellent performance and long service life. It is widely used in bicycles, automobiles, motorcycles, home appliances, hardware products, wood furniture and other industries.
    IML Static Generator Specification
    In Mold Labeling(IML )Static Generator

    IML Electrostatic Generators
    Application Material
    Plastic ( ABS, PP, AS, PET, PVC )
    Adding static to plastic labels/films(IML)
    Working Voltage
    Input Voltage
    1 year
    1 set by carton box
    By air or international express
    Delivery Time
    2-5 work days after confirm order and make payment
    1.Automatic static charger for IML(in molding label)
    2.New upgrade static charger NOT old model
    3.Help you reduce product defect rate and improve production efficiency
    In Mold Labeling Static Generator IML-7
    In Mold Labeling Static Generator IML-12
    In Mold Labeling Static Generator IML-11
    In Mold Labeling Static Generator IML-13
    Why should we use Static generator for IML ?
    Make IML more stable and comfortable.
    Make 100% injection success rate!

    Avoid The Following Performance:

    IML static charge-5
    IML static charge-1
    IML static charge-2

    The static charger , utilizes the electrostatic electrostatic field under the action of the electrostatic field.The characteristics of the temporary adsorption material, to achieve temporary temporary fixation of special materials. For printing.Conveying positioning for plastics processing. Adhesive blanking technology floor, glass, high-grade stainless steel, automatic lamination of plastic plates, sticker technology, in-mold film labeling, and other related fields. Pick With this product, the remarkable effect of simple process and improved efficiency can be achieved.

    What is the working principle ?
    The system is composed of an electrostatic generator and an electrostatic generating electrode. The electrostatic generator provides a high voltage for the electrostatic needle of the electrostatic generating electrode to generate the required charge. 

    The electrostatic generating electrode uses the high voltage generated by the electrostatic generator. The electric charge moves to the surface of the product under the action of the electric field.
    IML static charge-6
    IML static charge-7

    Working Principle :Indirect ower-up mode

    A metal plate with an antistatic material adhered to the manipulator. The manipulator sucks the label to charge the label through the static generator, and finally places it in the mold.

    Working Principle: direct power-on mode

    The electrostatic generator is directly installed on the robot hand. When the robot hand places the label on the mold, the electrostatic generator is controlled by PLC to power on the label, and the label will be adsorbed on the mold.
    In Mold Labeling Static Generator IML-14
    In Mold Labeling Static Generator IML-5
    Installation Tips:
    1.Far away from dirty, humid and watery and chemically corrosive environment:
    2.must be placed on or under the corresponding plane,
    3.Place near the machine to be installed and cable is easily connected
    4.all electrostatic generators need to be well grounded
    De cai Honorise New Material

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