Heat Transfer Silicone Rollers

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What Is Heat Transfer Silicone Rubber Roller ?

The heat transfer silicone roller is one of the accessories of the heat transfer machine. It can be rolled on a large area on the heat transfer printing film, hot stamping foil and other plastic films. Transfer designs from plastic labels to plastic products under heat and pressure, It is an essential accessory for transferring decorative cylindrical products around, flat or curved products. Thermal transfer silicone wheels rollers can be used for bronzing or transfer printing of various plastics, metals, book edges and other products.

Uses Of Heat Transfer Silicone Wheels

Thermal transfer rubber roller is a supporting consumable product for hot stamping machine, hot pressing machine, edge banding machine, thermal transfer machine, laminating machine and other machines. It is used in various household appliances, audio, furniture, wooden floors, skirting, Photo frame, glass, stainless steel, hot stamping, hot silver and thermal transfer process packaging for the edge of the book. As a high temperature resistant silicone rubber part, it can be resistant to abrasion and high temperature, and has the function of transmission or sealing.

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Features Of DECAI Thermal Transfer Silicone Roller

1. Exclusive formula: excellent elasticity, good toughness, high pressure resistance, good deformation recovery;
2. Imported silicone raw materials: pure imported high-quality silicone raw materials from Japan (Nippon Aerosil Co., LTD.), the quality source is guaranteed;
3. Advanced production equipment: strict production process, South Korea imported machinery and equipment molding;
4. Manufactured by a stable special vulcanization process, with a longer life (normal use can reach more than 100,000 times);
5. High temperature resistance: the highest temperature resistance is 350 degrees, and the rubber properties can still be maintained under the long-term working temperature of 250 degrees;
6. Diversity of hardness: from 30-90 Shore A (hardness can be customized according to customer requirements, hardness tolerance ± 2 degrees);
7. Colors can be customized: generally orange red and white, other colors can also be deployed (other colors can be customized according to customer requirements);
8. Good wear resistance and excellent grinding and modeling performance;
9) Excellent resistance to ozone aging and high density;
10. Excellent electrical insulation performance; the electrical insulation performance of silica gel after vulcanization changes little when exposed to moisture, water or temperature rise, and the silicon dioxide generated after combustion is still an insulator, which can ensure that electrical equipment continues to work, until overhaul. Silicone rubber is odorless and non-toxic, with good hydrophobicity, non-stick to many materials, and can play a role in isolation;
11. Fast thermal conductivity and excellent thermal conductivity.

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High Temperature Resistant Formula Of DECAI Silicone

When mixing rubber, add 2%~6% of heat-resistant agent, and mix evenly, which can improve the heat-resistant and temperature-resistant performance of silicone products

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Common Specifications Of Heat transfer Silica Gel

Inside Diameter(I.D) / mm   Outer Diameter(O.D) / mm  Length / mm  Hardness(Shore A)
 38  100  300  30°/40°/50°/60°/70°/80°/90°
 38  100  400  30°/40°/50°/60°/70°/80°/90°
 38  100  600  30°/40°/50°/60°/70°/80°/90°
 38  120  300-600  30°/40°/50°/60°/70°/80°/90°
 38  125  300-600  30°/40°/50°/60°/70°/80°/90°
 58  125  300-600  30°/40°/50°/60°/70°/80°/90°
 58  125  300-600  30°/40°/50°/60°/70°/80°/90°
 40  150  300-600  30°/40°/50°/60°/70°/80°/90°
 30  100  300-600  30°/40°/50°/60°/70°/80°/90°
 Customized  Customized  Customized  30°/40°/50°/60°/70°/80°/90°
 Color  White, orange red (other colors can be customized according to customer requirements, no restrictions) 
 Material  Japan imported silicone
 Temperature Resistance  250-350 degrees Celsius

Special Specification Customization

1. For special specifications customization, detailed specifications should be provided (inner diameter of rubber roller * outer diameter of rubber roller * length, bearing model, rubber coating diameter, length, etc.);

2. Detailed description of transfer and hot stamping process equipment and requirements;

3. Explain the products to be transferred and hot stamped;

4. The operating experience of the operator and other special requirements for on-site operation;

5. It is necessary to provide the transfer hot stamping products and the original silica gel for our reference and measurement.

Application Range And Products Of Silicone Rubber Rollers & Wheels

1. Plastic products:plastic buckets, plastic cups, plastic handicrafts, etc.
2. Textile industry: pillow printing, T-shirt printing, etc.
3. Printing industry: books, posters, etc.
4. Food packaging industry: moon cake box, thermos bottle, etc.
5. Handicrafts: mugs, erasers, etc.
6. Others (coating machine, heat transfer machine, hot stamping pad printing machine, coating compound machine)

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Various Special-Shaped Silicone Rollers Can Be Customized

Various Special-Shaped Silicone Rollers
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How To Use Silicone Rubber Roller Correctly ?

1. The silicone rubber wheel and roller is used normally and correctly, it is installed to the machine, the two sides cannot be clamped too tightly, and keep a space of 2-3MM for heating and expansion;

2. The rubber roller wheel must be rotated when starting up, the starting temperature is controlled within 100 degrees, and the surface of the rubber roller wheel is evenly heated.

3. After the inner and outer temperatures of the rubber roller wheel are consistent (the thermal expansion and cold contraction will cause the rubber roller to break), repeat the heating at 10 degrees each time until the required working temperature is reached.

4. It is necessary to slowly increase the temperature and pressure before the operation. Suddenly increasing the pressure or temperature will seriously damage the rubber roller.

5. When the machine is shut down, the temperature should be turned off first, keep the rubber roller rotating and dissipate heat evenly, and then stop the rubber roller when the temperature is cool.

How silicone rollers and wheels are formed ?

Silicone rubber rollers and wheels are made of room temperature silica gel as the basic material, adding a fixed proportion of hydrocarbon-based element materials, and are made of rollers and wheels through a single vulcanization.

Why are silicone rollers wheels an indispensable ?

It is widely used in plastic products, wood products, daily necessities, photo frames, wood strips, PS strips, electrical panels, paper products, etc. for thermal transfer bronzing patterns, edge sealing. Due to its high temperature resistance, it can also be used in special products in other industries.

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