Heat Transfer Printing Machine for PE Plastic Bucket Flame treatment machine

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The machine is carefully assembled with cast iron frames, seamless movable guides, and advanced electrical components. It has the characteristics of fast speed, high accuracy, accurate positioning, low energy consumption, automatic and flexible switching of flat and round hot stamping, etc. It is a new generation of hot stamping equipment suitable for high-quality hot stamping of high-quality products.
It has been introduced from foreign more than 10 years. This printing method of process is divided into two parts: transfer film/label printing and transfer processing.

The pattern is printed on the film/label surface in advance. The printed pattern is rich in layers, colorful, ever-changing, small color difference, good reproducibility, and can reach the design pattern requires effects and is suitable for mass production;

Transfer processing transfers the exquisite patterns on the transfer film/label to the surface of the product by one-time processing (heating and pressing) using a heating transfer machine, forming.

  • Product Name: Heat transfer printing machine
  • Specification: 1000*600*2300
  • Hot Printer Width: Width:<190mm Length: <950mm
  • Operation Air Pressure: 0.5Mpa
  • Weight(kg): 253
  • Speed(Pcs/h): 700-1000
  • Package: Plank
  • Leading Time: 5-7Working Day
  • Shipment: By sea
  • Payment: T/T 50%, The rest should be paid before shipment
  • Product Detail


    Heat Transfer Printing Machine for PE Plastic Bucket Flame Treatment Machine

    heat transfer machine

    1. All machines have operating instruction and English operating system ensure the proper operation of machine.

    2.Welcome to study in our company before operate machine, or if you have any question in operation, we can making the video to

    3. You will get a 30% increasing production upon using this machine and also it allows one people to perform the task of three people.

    4. This machine will pay back your investment in 6 month.

    5.These machines have few breakdowns and easy to maintain because of their simple mechanical structure.


    photobank (1)

    Transfer Production Process


    Step 1:Make high-resolution pictures;

    Step 2: Make a dot-type gravure electric engraving plate according to the picture size;

    Step 3: Install the gravure on a printing machine and print it on a PET polyester film to print a thermal transfer flower film.It can print thousands of finished patterns in one hour.

    Step 4: Install the thermal transfer printing film on a thermal transfer hot stamping machine for printing. The operation is simple, the pattern is formed at one time, and no color registration is required.

    A thermal transfer machine can print tens of
    thousands of products in 8 working hours a day.

    Suitable for PP, ABS, PS, PE, EVA, leather, stainless steel, glass, wood, coated
    metal and other materials.

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